Easter Baskets

Miriam Child Development center distributed Easter Baskets to students this Thursday in preparation for Easter.  Every year this provides the opportunity to think and talk about Jesus and what He did for all of us on the cross, so many years ago.

We would like to thank the Key Women and many church members and classes for their generosity and thoughtfulness this Easter season. All told, we were able to serve 68 children in Miriam CDC along with several new placements that came in while we were distributing the baskets. The staff and SeedCo volunteers with children were also given baskets. The total of these together was 91 baskets.

On Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 28, 29, 30 Carol Gentry and David Billings took 10 more baskets to Grace UMC and Warren UMC two of our Food Pantry partners.  We were also able to place baskets with children at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital (45 baskets), St. Jude’s Target House (35 baskets), Baptist Women’s Hospital (28 baskets), UMNC staff and volunteers with children (13 baskets) and Grace Fellowship Church (8 baskets) and we placed 15 in the Thrift Store that were left on Saturday.  The final number if you are keeping count was 232 Easter Baskets. Thank you over and over again to all that participated in spreading the joy of Easter and the message of Resurrection.  The Key Women never cease to amaze all of us at the UMNC in their ability to turn five loaves and three fishes into the abundant love of Jesus Christ their savior.


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