Faith UMC Food Pantry – United in FAITH!!

We are so blessed to have faithful volunteers who support the UMNC pantries throughout Memphis. During 2013 we will be highlighting the pantries and the wonderful things they do to make a difference in their community.

In July of 2011, Faith United Methodist Church launched our weekly Emergency Food Pantry as a connectional ministry of UMNC. Several months prior to our opening, Faith United Methodist Women had prayerfully submitted the idea for this project to our Church Council and Senior Pastor, Rev. Anthony Anderson. We wanted to broaden community outreach for our Frayser/Raleigh neighbors, and we felt led to address the staggering statistic of “one out of every four children going hungry” in our community. Months later, as we struggled with administrative challenges for approval as a Food Pantry, God sent us our very own angel, Carol Gentry, UMNC Food Pantry Coordinator. With Carol’s strong guidance and loving support, God made a way then and reveals the way now for our pantry.

Today we are privileged to serve 3 times the number of individuals we initially served starting out in 2011. Our Pantry volunteers have been heard to say, “What a blessing to have this opportunity to serve others!” A few months ago we asked anyone in our Sunday morning worship service to raise a hand if they had contributed to Faith UMC Pantry in donations of time, money, food products or active prayer. Every hand in the sanctuary was up….United in Faith!

Susan Mullikin
Faith UMC Food Pantry

The Faith Food Pantry serves clients in the Frayser / Raleigh neighborhoods.

Carol Gentry
Food Pantry Coordinator UMNC


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