Audio: Happiness in the Church Community

Rev. Porterfield shares about how people think about happiness.  Reading from Luke’s gospel the 19th chapter.

Happiness in the Church Community

Sociologists have just done a survey of countries around the world to determine who as a society are the happiest.  The analytic social psychologist Andre White at the University of Lester has looked at the world using about 100 different studies that survived 80,000 different individuals and conducted by organizations like the United Nations and the C. I. A. and the World Health Organization.  The ten most happy countries in the world are Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, The Bahamas, Finland Sweden, Bhutan, Bruni, and Canada.  I was think about that.  What are the components that really drive happiness.  In this survey they seem to be health.  Countries that had the best provisions for health care scored high on the list.  Wealth was an important part of it.  These countries were all relatively wealthy and the provision of education was an important factor.  The three predictors, the variables of health, wealth and education, were closely associated and interdependent.  I wonder makes happiness in our community.  I wonder what makes happiness in a church community.  I think its fellowship.  I think it’s a sence of kind of common purpose and an understanding that we are all in this together.  I am reading from Luke’s Gospel in the 19th chapter the account of Zackius. “When Jesus came to the place, He looked up and said to him.  Zachius hurry and come down for I must stay at your house today.  So he hurry down and was happy to welcome Him.”


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