Jobs Hatchery – Smith Center

AS a part of our “works program” UMNC partners several organizations to provide community service opportunities and training. Newly added in the Smith Center in uptown is the Jobs Hatchery.

Jobs Hatchery is about inspiring people so that they connect their “sweet spot” (what they really like to do, are good at, and have good chance of putting food on the table for their families) with job and business start-up opportunities. Our mission is to turn around lives by mentoring self-sufficiency.

On an individual level, benefits to clients combine increased self-esteem with a better match to passion plus skills plus financial stability. At a community level, Jobs Hatchery is about economic development, gender equality, diversity, and community enhancement. On a spiritual level, our program is a spillway to individual freedom to fulfill God’s purpose and to pass along this freedom to the next generation and others.

Our prayers are with this new ministry at the Smith center and their director Nita Black.

She encourages others to be prayer worriors for the cause:
“Our Program includes the formation of a spiritual network of contacts through an online prayer team. When you sign up for the Jobs Hatchery Online Prayer Blast, you agree to read the same scripture during the week and share your thoughts on our blog. The scripture passage will be posted and emailed to you each week. You will receive weekly email updates. You will also have the option to sign up for the team’s texting group to receive short text messages weekly.

As a prayer team member, you can receive individual mentoring which is online and offline.

Online Prayer Team

Everyone on the team agrees to set a cell phone reminder for 10:02AM every day.
At 10:02AM daily the team will ask God for
(1) workers for Christ,
(2) racial peace in our community,
(3) our own spiritual freedom, and
(4) optimum job opportunities so that people can put food on the table.

For more information please complete the form on this page, email , or call Nita Black at (901)413-1315.”

We also encourage folks to Pray with us at the UMNC and to visit our Prayer page. As read the bible in a year with St. Luke’s UMC and are vigilant in prayer for Christ Ministry in the City of Memphis.


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