UMW Key Women

The purpose of the UMNC Key Women shall be to provide a support organization from the United Methodist Women for the United Methodist Neighborhood Centers.

The Key Women shall strive to support UMNC and it’s programs by providing: volunteers, liaisons with the community in obtaining donations of good and services; promotion and interpretation of programs and needs of the UMNC to UMW groups, churches and the community at large.

What are Key Women?
Webster defines a “key-man” as “a person entrusted with the most important details of an  organization or project.” Thus, we are “Key-Women” and we have an important job in being liaisons between The United Methodist Neighborhood Centers and our area Methodist churches.

We all play a vital role in organizing annual projects such as the Thanksgiving Baskets, the Christmas Toy Store and collecting filled Easter baskets. The families in our area look forward to these special events and we bring much needed items and a lot of joy to hundreds of recipients each year.

Our meetings on the third Wednesday of every-other month help us to stay connected and realize how we and our churches can help meet the needs of UMNC and the people it serves.

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