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The Key Women of The United Methodist Neighborhood Centers of Memphis, held its’ Annual Awareness Day luncheon at Asbury United Methodist Church, Wednesday, May 16, 2012. As customary, each Key Woman brought a salad to share, and a wonderful variety of salads made for a delicious lunch!

Asbury’s United Methodist Women hosted this event with about 100 people in attendance. Several of our local ministers attended. Asbury District Superintendent, Sandra Leatherwood Clay gave the invocation and Rev. John Holt our closing prayer.

Judy Hart, Crossroads UMC’s Key Woman and Vice-President, was in charge of organizing the day. Our speaker was Ms. Linda White of WesTCORE, who brought us an eye-opening account of her mission in serving incarcerated women as they transition back into society.

We would like to thank all the Different UWM women from the following church who were able to attend:

Friendship UMC, St. Luke’s UMC, Centenary UMC, Ellendale UMC, Asbury UMC, Rossville UMC, Bolton UMC, Grimes Memorial UMC, Good Shepherd UMC, Crossroads UMC, Raleigh UMC, Collierville UMC, Millington FUMC, Aldersgate UMC, Christ UMC, Emmanuel UMC, Highland Heights UMC, St. Matthew’s, Covenant UMC, Germantown UMC, Piperton UMC, St. Paul UMC, Embury UMC, St. Stephen UMC, Capleville UMC, Bartlett UMC, Scenic Hills UMC, Trinity UMC, and Faith UMC along with the UMNC staff and board members that were able to attend.

After 105 years of serving this community, we are proud of the mission of our Key Women, who act as liaisons between UMNC and our local area churches. We look forward to continuing this service in the years to come.

Women Ablaze Ministries is a non-profit public charity. They are composed of Christians from different denominations that have like minds and hearts and are committed to helping others, as God directs, to make an impact in our community through our outreach to at-risk women.  By helping women become contributing members of society it makes a difference in our community and our city.

Linda Lee White founded Women Ablaze Ministries in 2000..  Working with the women on the “inside” of prison and then providing a home-like atmosphere on the “outside” after release has proven to be a successful combination to help these ladies become restored. They do this through prison ministry and mentoring.  They serve the women at Mark Luttrell Correctional Center with 2 Bible Studies/classes per week and those at Shelby County Corrections twice per month.  It is a blessing for all when the Church is alive inside the prison walls.  The Storybook Program is an outreach where moms read to their children.  This helps nourish the relationship while they are separated.  The Mentoring Program begins with a woman that is incarcerated being matched with a mentor at least 6 months before she is due to be released.  During this time a relationship is built between the mentor and mentee which will help the mentee develop another form of support she will need when she is released from prison.  The mentor/mentee relationship continues at least 6 months after the mentee is out of prison.  In a very Wesleyan tradition of Prison Ministry we will continue to pray and uplift the local woman missionaries, their mentees and the families involved.

WesTCORE is a collaborative effort by non-profit organizations, faith based groups, government agencies, and concerned citizens united to address the prisoner re-entry challenges in West Tennessee.

Thousands (2,000-2,500) of men and women are released from prison each year in West Tennessee. We spend up to $100 a day to keep them in prison and near nothing to try to keep them out. It is no surprise that 50% will return to prison within three years of release.

The groups involved created membership levels and areas of focus – stable housing, career development, and support services, and started creating “Principles” that would guide their efforts. These became known as the Principles of Community-Based Re-Entry, which aimed to define re-entry as a specific service provided outside of incarceration, to push for funding to flow primarily to groups providing core services, to protect the clients and involve their families in re-entry planning, and to call for independent reviews of the programs.

WesTCORE stable housing partners:

Karat Place: Changing broken lives and broken families into something of beauty and value

Forgiveness House: Transitional Living and Behavioral Health Center for men leaving incarceration

Trinity Community Coalition Outreach founded in 2007 based on a desire by its founder to provide “Holistic” family services under a group of programs known as Project Opportunity.

Women Ablaze Ministries helps women establish themselves in Christian Faith, Godly Character, & Life Skills after prison.

The Father’s House: Transitional Housing, Spiritual Development, and Learning Center

Warriors Center is a faith based recovery program that works with men battling homelessness, substance abuse or other life controlling problems by offering transitional housing, substance abuse treatment, spiritual support and life skills.

WesTCORE Support Services:

Families of Incarcerated Individuals is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to serve families who are affected by incarceration.

Starting All Over Again Ministries is a non-denomination church with a ministry entailed to making a commitment to God.

Memphis Recovery Centers  provides professional help for chemical dependency for men, women, and adolescents in a caring and confidential atmosphere.

First Steps Recovery Centers is a group of professionals dedicated to providing a comprehensive plan of integrated care for individuals and families.

KAREN Consultants is a Key Addiction Recovery Education Network is your one stop source for high quality, affordable addiction assistance, education, and guidance.

For over a century, United Methodist Neighborhood Centers of Memphis, Inc. has been feeding, caring for and empowering the “overlooked or ignored of Shelby County.

WesTCORE Career Development

HopeWorks, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to serve the poor through outreach programs that develop individual worth, encourage personal responsibility and promote the honor and value of work.

Economic Opportunities was established to assist desperate men using a three-fold Christ centered solution to become servants of God and contributing Men of the community.

Cross Contract Labor: jobs are the centerpiece of our rehabilitation program

Lifeline 2 Success provides clients with the support that is necessary to reenter society and have a positive impact in their communities by removing the negative perceptions that are associated with a criminal record.

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