Miriam Classes

Infants: The Infants at Miriam age from 6 weeks to 1 year.  We keep at most a three infant to one teacher ratio at all times.

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Toddler one’s: Our Toddler 1 classroom is a for our one year old children.   This classroom has children over 12 months that are walking and holding their own sippy cup.   Both organized and free play at stations are part of the daily routine along with regular reading to the children by teachers and volunteers.

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Toddler Two’s: Our Amazing Twos is a classroom of two and some three year olds.  Potty training is a part of this room if you aren’t there yet you will be before you leave.  Structured play with dancing and exercise are definitively a part of Toddler Twos weekly routine.  So are free play and coloring and language development.

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Pre-Kindergarten: Our Pre-K class are for children age 4 and 5 that are preparing for entering school through socialized play, reading and math readiness and USDA approved meals.  All our classes meet Golden Sneaker criteria so we get up and move and exercise to keep little bodies healthy and learning.


After Schoolers:
Our after school classroom accepts children enrolled in school from Pre-Kindergarten to 12 years old.

During the school year we provide before-care beginning at 6:00 AM and after-care ends at 6:00 PM.  We have bus transportation for the students to and from school.  Our after school children come from a variety of schools  including but not limited to Cornerstone, Brewster and the Binghampton christian Academy.

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During the summer we have all day care from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM that includes a summer camp with field trips and activities.

Miriam Center’s Summer Camp Program for 2012 had field trips to Vacation Bible School at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Skating, a Trolley Ride, Picnic at the Water Park, Aunt Anne’s Pretzel’s and a trip to the movies.


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