Miriam Notes

From the Director’s desk of the Miriam Child Development Center:
It has been another great month for the children at Miriam.  Public school has come to an end and our population has expanded to include lots of siblings and older children.  We are planning for summer field trips and excited about our very full summer schedule.  Our Pre-K had the opportunity to join the Key women this week at Asbury United Methodist Church for their annual Awareness Day Luncheon.  We would like to thank the Key Women for allowing our preschool children in Ms. Brenda Udell’s class to bless their hearts with song for the Awareness Day celebration.  The children sang “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and “The ABC Song”.  We would also like to thank Ms. Janice Barnes from Asbury UMC for spear heading the donation of 2 play rugs for the child care center.  In June our school age children and some staff are fellowshipping with St. Luke’s UMC during their Vacation Bible School.

After School Class: The spectacular schoolagers would like to wish their mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.  Ms Shandra and Ms. Tasha would like to wish Jayline (5/10), Kenneth (5/16), Tyshawn (5/15), and Jakhi (5/ 30) a Happy Birthday.  The schoolagers are looking forward to having a great time this summer.  Parents we have plenty of fun activities planned for your child.  As always we will continue to help your child with their homework.

The Pre-K Class would like to wish all the mother’s at Miriam Child Development Center and their Moms a “Happy Mother’s Day”.  We would also like to welcome David Nzobonimpa to Miriam’s Pre-K class.  And let’s give Kelsy Burts a hand for moving up to Pre-K.  How about a big Happy Birthday to all the May birthdays, Joel White and Samarah Hamilton.  The pre-K class is working on spelling the color words and writing their first name. Ms. Udell.

The Toddler II’s Class: We are using a spoon to feed ourselves and also we are using a straw to drink.  We accomplished this goal in two weeks.  The month of May we talked about summer fun.  We would like to say Happy Mother’s day to all mothers.  Thanks for letting Ms. Shamika and Ms. Charisse be your toddler teachers.

The Toddler III’s: The end of the school year is approaching and the two year olds are excited about seeing some of their siblings in the building full time.  Mother’s Day is in May so we have planned a special surprise for our moms.  The two year olds have put together a special Mother’s Day project for their mothers.  We would like to wish Kelsey, Brandon, and Destiny a happy birthday and congratulations on moving up to the next classroom.  We will truly miss you.  Ms Devon and Ms. Carol.

The Infant Class: Our infants are doing especially well.  They are getting plenty of Tummy time on the floor and are happy with a regular and consistent feeding and sleeping schedule.  Thanks to our Moms from Ms. Brenda, Ms Augustine and Ms. Keesha.  Our community is very important to us and especially our donors.  Every donation, in thought, prayer, kind or time is truly a gift from heaven and we pray for continual partnership.

Patsy Mason M.A.Ed.
Miriam CDC Director


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