Miriam Notes

Miriam Child Development Center would like to thank the VOLUNTEERS who have come to help read and do crafts with our Pre-K class and Toddler 2s kids.

Infant Classroom: The infant room would like to say Happy New Year to everyone. We would also like to say Happy Birthday to Rayah S. on the 18th of January. Rayah is walking well with pride. We would also like to Welcome Jaida A. and Ka’Mya S. to our room. Ms. Brenda and Ms.Charisse.

Toddler 1 Classroom: Our one year olds are working on the color blue right now. We scribble paint and collage with the color blue. We have also been discussing snow in January. We sponge painted a snow scene. Please remember to keep your toddlers warmly dressed this January! Thanks, Ms. Jackson and Ms.Shamika.

Toddler 2 Classroom: The Awesome Twos are doing well as we learn to grow and mature. In the month of January we will be doing a lot of hugs and praises and singing to the kids. We will be listening to our Aerobic Fun CD and doing arts and crafts. Parents are welcome to join us in a visit. Ms. Carol and Ms.Tosha.

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom: We would like to welcome you all back to a New Year 2013. We are learning a range of new topics with fun activities and homework. Please work with your child at home and ask him / her what they did in class. We are asking all parents to please update your cell and / or home phone numbers. Jan. birthdays Ms. Kristi the 4th and Ms. Udell the 16th We would also like to Welcome Raissa L. Amier J. John R. Jaden A. Kenyon H. and Autumn R to the Pre-K class.. Ms Brenda and Ms. Kristi.

After Schoolers Classrom: Frist of all we would like to welcome everyone into 2013. We hope everyone has had a blessed New Year. This month we will focus on getting our homework done. We know how important it is to stay ahead. We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Ibrahim and Djohnas K. along with our civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Let’s give them a very special Birthday shout out this month. Remember to put your children in warm clothing so they can play outside. The Spectacular School Age Teachers Ms. Shandra and Ms. Devon.


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