Miriam Notes

Miriam Child Development Center would like to thank the VOLUNTEERS who have come to help read and do crafts with our Pre-K class and Toddler 2s kids.

Infant classroom: The Infant room would like to welcome back Kam’ya and Imani. Rayah and Noah have moved over to the toddler 1 room. Kristopher and Nataly have both started walking. We are using our cups and doing exercise on the floor sitting and pulling up. We are listening to nursery rymes with lots of play on the floor and story time! Ms. Brenda Ms Devon and Ms.Charisse.

Toddler 1 Room: We are working toward potty training and getting our one year olds ready for the 2 year old class. We are learning a host of things such as our letters and numbers and colors and shapes. We are also assessing our children to see how they are progressing and what our goal is to help them go further. Thanks, Ms. Jackson and Ms.Shamika.

Toddler 2 Classroom: Our two year olds are working on the color red in the month of Feb. We are scribbling with crayon and collaging in the color red. We would like to welcome Brayanna Oliver and Dewayne Wilson to our 2 year old classroom. Please remember to send your child’s school supplies. Please also remember to put your children in warm clothing so they can play outside. The awesome two year old teachers: Ms. Carol and Ms.Tosha.

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom: We will be celebrating Black History month during the month of February. We will focus on some Africian Americans who helped us to freedom. Dr. Martin Luther King who fought for our civil rights. Mrs. Harriet Tubman who helped free us from slavery. Mrs. Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on the bus and now we can sit where we want to on the bus. We would also like to welcome Anita Juma to our Pre-K class. Parents please remember to dress your child/ children according to the weather and to bring the monthly classroom supplies. Thanks in advance. Ms Brenda and Ms. Kristi.

After Schoolers Classroom: Spring is on the way here so let’s get our spectacular schoolagers a cheer. Spring break is almost here for our young children to join us full time for a week of learning and fun. So please come aboard and help us make this week a successful one. We would also like to welcome all our new students to our class. Ms. Shandra and Ms. Devon.


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