Miriam visits Wesley Highland Meadows

Part of the Pre-K class enjoyed taking the Christmas show on the road to Wesley Highland Meadows and sing for the elderly residents there.  This is the second year that the children were able to visit.  The residents had also collected some gifts for the children to take back to the Miriam Center to share with all the children.

We lift up Wesley Highland Meadows and all the elder care facilities in Memphis in prayer because the end of life, like the beginning of life, is often a time where the opportunity to give of yourself and help your neighbor must be facilitated by others much more than when you are grown, healthy and still young.  For many of the elderly it is especially difficult to connect and contribute to family and church in the ways they are accustom.  It is often much more difficult to pass from this life to glory with their Lord Jesus Christ when they have become isolated or unconnected in this world.  We are grateful that we were allowed to join them in a small part of their Christmas festivities.

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