Screening Sites for Miriam Pre-K

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Miriam Child Development Center is Hosting a Shelby County Schools Pre-K Classroom starting in August.  20 students will be enrolled at NO COST but students must be pre-enrolled by June 13, 2014. Pre Enroll at the following locations May 19th-June 13th 8:00 AM-3:00 PM:

May 19, 20, 21
Robert R. Church 4100 Millbranch
Manor Lake 4900 Horn Lake Rd
Caldwell-Guthrie 951 Chelsea

May 22, 23
Northaven 5157 North Circle Rd.
Hamilton 1378 Hamilton
Magnolia 2061 Livewell Circle

May 27, 28, 29
Raineshaven 430 Ivan Rd.
Willow Oaks 4417 Willow
Cherokee 3061 Kimball

June 2, 3
Douglass Elementary 1650 Ash St.
Vollentine Elementary 1682 Vollintine

June 4, 5
Oakshire Elementary 1765 E. Holmes
Sheffield Elementary 4290 Chuck

June 6, 9
Florida-Kansas Elementary 90 W. Olive
Larose Elementary  864 S. Wellington

June 10, 11
Lincoln Elementary 1566 S. Orleans
Bethel Grove 2459 Arlington

June 12, 13
Lucie E. Campbell 3232 Birchfield

*Please be sure to register for The Miriam Child Development Center.*

Preference is given to Pre-K students with siblings enrolled at Miriam Child Development CenterTransportation May Be Provided    Contact Miriam CDC at 323-8060 for more information

******Miriam is a 3-Star Facility with proven curriculum and a family friendly environment******


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