Smith Center: Close Call and Colaboration

Ice has come to visit us in Memphis several times this winter of 2013 – 2014.  In the last bout with ice our neighborhood center in uptown, the Smith Center, had a tree fall barely missing the back end of the building.  Although there where scratches down the back wall there was no damage done to the roof or significant damage to the wall or any of the people.  We thank God for this.

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The clean up has already, thankfully, happened.  DeAndre Brown and his able bodied men and women from LifeLine2Sucess came over and cut up the tree so Jamie Lee and the folks from Jacob’s Well, saw that the wood was distributed to folks who needed or wanted it.

treedown 002 treedown 001

It is amazing how when God’s people work to together even big messes are cleaned up quickly.  Thanks to all who worked together and most of all thanks be to God for bringing us together.


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