Thanks to Everyone who Participated in the Christmas Toy Store!

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“Our Holiday programs for 2012 went very well and we served many deserving people in Memphis.”

The Thanksgiving Basket program was abundant with food. We accepted 250+ applications from our seven pantries. Some pantries, such as Faith UMC were able to organize and assemble all their allotted baskets, which helped tremendously with distribution. All told, we ended up with about 30 baskets left over, some of which were broken down to use in the pantries and others we distributed to families we knew were in need of them during the Christmas Toy Store.

The Christmas Toy Store was a great success. The demographics of some of our clients are changing, and as a result, we and the Key Women decided at the conclusion that we would make a change to the qualification and application process. This year we accepted applications from all seven of our partner centers and ended up serving over 215 families, which included over 650 children. With staff and in house volunteers being served, we did make a big difference in many children’s Christmas.

I would personally like to thank anyone that donated time, money or goods to the Holiday programs for 2012. Well done and I pray that we will be in a position to watch blessing flow once again in 2013. — David Billings Utilities and Rental Assistance CoordinatorBrent's Camera 347


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