Thrift Store — Winter Time Thoughts

Christ’s Closet begins a new year with more regular volunteers and an infusion of life and vibrance. The UMNC thrift store ministry has been a part of our outreach program for many years. It is an important way in which people both on the giving side and receiving side of our ministry first come in contact with our building and often our staff. Because for many people it is easy to “spring clean” their closet or pack up clothes that are too small for a child and bring them to us, it is often the first donation an individual gives to the UMNC. In a similar way on the receiving end our thrift store is the place where most of our new volunteers begin, often a place where people are sent from a variety of organizations for us to help get themselves back on their feet.

Christ’s Closet has never been a money making venture. The thrift sold there has never paid the salary of the part-time staff person that manages the store nor funded the utilities and rent program more than meagerly. In part, that is due to the location and space of the store and in part to the UMNC’s generosity and priorities.

The staff and the Board of Directors of the UMNC is in prayerful meditation about how the thrift store ministry will change in the coming year be that in location or allocation or some other path including “no change” that God might lay out for us. Please join our prayers and be a part of the ministry happening in and at Christ’s Closet.


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