UMNC Utilities Assistance

John 1:5: The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Utility assistance and counseling at UMNC are a very busy part of our
activities. There are only a few agencies in Memphis and Shelby
County that work with families unable to meet utility and rental

UMNC and MLG&W work together with families that face
utility shut-off that is often a first step to homelessness and also with
families that are already in the dark. By coordinating our financial support on past-due utility bills with other government and
church agencies our advocacy gives families time to get back on their feet. We receive hundreds of phone inquiries about obtaining rent and utility assistance each month.

With our small budget UMNC has been able to help 6% of the people
completing our application process.  Many requests represent needs too large for UMNC to meet but we make a difference in the lives of those families by counseling and advising of other avenues for help.

Often people are in need of more than just rent or utility funds.
Some of these needs we meet through our food pantries and
Thrift Store.  Sadly, needs we know exist like elderly prescription assistance or transportation, in most instances, cannot be met.
We deeply appreciate donation assistance from our churches,
groups and individuals that makes a big difference to truly needy
families. Email:


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