Volunteer Corner: Many Hands and Much Work

We have been blessed by and with many volunteers in recent months that come from many different walks of life. Our participation as a community service site for several state and local agencies and organizations keeps a steady stream of new faces coming through the doors everyday. This supplements our strong core of “regular” and “old friend” volunteers.

A new partnership with Shelby County Community Service Department bring up to five volunteers to our door every morning except Sunday to serve a probation community service requirement. We are grateful for the work these volunteers do while they are with us. It is our goal in the few days that each of these volunteers spend with us to address both the idea of “community” and its importance and the idea of “service”. The volunteers check-in in the morning with Melissa and then are supervised in their task in the Thrift Store by Mattie, or working on maintenance and janitorial jobs with Frank and Larry, in office tasks by David or Melissa, or in the food pantry by Carol.

The SeedCo volunteers that come to the UMNC from a variety of agencies throughout Memphis including Bridges, Kairos, TNCSA, and Porter Leath continue to learn and grow here everyday. Our goal for them is to find a job that helps them become more self-sufficient in paying bills and keeping house. These parents of young children need our prayers and support and we celebrate several new jobs in the last few months.

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who worked at the UMNC in the last months.
In Christ,
Dr. Melissa Rura
Program Coordinator


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