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UMNC partners several organizations to provide community service opportunities and training.  Among those are:

The Workforce Development arm of BRIDGES, also known as BRIDGES-Workforce Development, provides employment services to more than 3,000 individuals annually, all referred by the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS). The program is comprised of three major areas: Career Services, Career Skills Training and Job Development.

As a Partner in the Seedco Network, TNCSA provides a variety of services designed to move TANF recipients from dependence on public assistance into the workforce.

Referrals are made to TNCSA, as well as three other Seedco partners in Shelby County, by the Tennessee Department of Human Services. Once referred, clients are assessed to determine barriers to employment and readiness to enter the workforce. Case managers work individually with clients utilizing a variety of community resources to address and eliminate these barriers. Transportation assistance is provided in the form of bus passes or gas cards to assist clients in their job search.

Most clients attend two weeks of job-readiness classes followed by one-on-one time with our job-coaches and trainers. These professionals provide information regarding job search skills such as resume-writing, interviewing, internet job searches and general work ethic. GED classes and remedial math training are also available. Job placement assistance is available through our job developers who work with the business community to establish relationships and commitments to hire our clients.

For those whose barriers to success are more significant, referrals are made to mental heath professionals to address issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

Kairos Services Inc. is a participating agency in the Seedco Families First Network in Shelby County. Seedco, an acronym for Structured Economic Development Corporation, entered into an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) to implement Families First services in Shelby County. A major purpose of the DHS/Seedco partnership, is to aid DHS in meeting the federally mandated Work Participation Rate (WPR) for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. The ultimate goal is to place our customers into unsubsidized employment at the highest wage possible, without exceeding the federal lifetime limit for TANF payments. We work closely with the Department of Human services to foster the development of our customers, and aid them in becoming self sufficient and employed full time. If you would like more information about Seedco, please go to Or, for more information on what we do at Kairos Services Inc. please send us a message at

Services through Community-Based Organizations
Community-based organizations, with their deep ties to local communities, play a vital role in providing job services and moving clients into meaningful employment. In New York City and in Greater Memphis, Tennessee, Seedco plays an intermediary role in large welfare-to-work initiatives. This means that we receive contracts and funding from federal, state and local government agencies and sub-contract to community-based partners that provide direct services to clients.
We supplement this government-funded approach with privately funded enhancements and innovative programs to address the specific needs of our clients, as well as rigorous performance measurement and management.

Tennessee Board of Pardon and Parole:
Parole certificates are issued to an offender after he or she has been granted parole and is being released to parole supervision in the community. The parole certificate sets out the offender’s rules for supervision and any special conditions imposed by the Board. Each offender must have an approved release plan prior to the certificate being issued. Interested parties are notified, as required by statute, of an offender’s release on parole.

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